mothers day mini sessions.



Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Please call me on 0427 455 015. Leave a message or text if needed. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Q: Can Dad be in the photographs too?

A: No sorry. These mini sessions are available for Mothers and her children only. This is a special reduced rate. If you want the whole family in the photographs then you need to book a family session with me, at a later date, which can accommodate this. Children can also be grown ups. If you're an adult and your Mum is still around then you should totally make the most of it and have images taken with her. 

Q: I’m pregnant and about to be a Mum. Is this session suitable for me?

A: Of course. I’d love to photograph you and your bump.

Q: What if I love our photos and want to enlarge them or share on social media?

A: The option to purchase the files in high-resolution format will be made available to clients. High-resolution files are available to purchase for $80 each. These files will be suitable for print, enlargement & social media. Copyright applies to the 5x7 printed images originally presented to you

Q: Do I have to be in the photographs?

A: C'mon - you need to be, for the sake of your children just get in the frame.

Q: I'm really not photogenic and feel awkward in front of the camera. How will I know what to do?

A: My shoots are totally orchestrated. They might look relaxed and carefree but in reality there is a lot of posing that goes on behind the scenes. I explain where to look, where to place hands, where to stand, what type of smile to pull etc. It will be an enjoyable experience for you and I'm certain you'll relax in no time. Flattering, relaxed poses & angles guarantee great results.

Q: What time will the shoot take place?

A: My preference is to shoot each session at around 5pm for best results. The light is fabulous then and your images will have that extra wow factor. I am aware that this is a crazy time for most parents with young children. The shack may be the better location option should you be wishing to have your shoot at midday. Sunrise is another option that would only be available on weekends.

Q: What days/dates are available? 

A: All days and dates available except for Saturdays (sunrise timeslot will be available however), Wednesday 3rd May & actual Mothers Day.

Q: My kids will be naughty, I just know it...

A: I have three sons, they will be fine!!!

Q: How do we know that you will pick the best five images from our session?

A: If you regularly view my work and like what you see then you can rest assured you will love seeing yourself in my photography work. Have faith that I am able to select the best 5 images that represent our time together. There will be at least one standard portrait where everyone is looking directly at the camera with beautiful faces. There will be a sibling shot if applicable. The other images will be fun, but still lovely. Please just trust my vision.

Q: What if we don't like our images?

A: Won't happen I hope. Money back and you walk away with nothing except the memories of spending 30 minutes together with your beautiful children, in a great location, where the light was lovely. 

Q: We're from Perth. Can we partake?

A: Sure, provided you can make it to either of the two designated locations in North Tammin within the month of May.

Q: I know we’re going to want more than the standard 5 images on offer. What can we do?

A: You will need to book a different session. This is a mini session designed to be short, sweet and cheap. Maybe booking a full family session at a location of your choosing would be a better option?

Q: Where do you have our images printed out?

A: I use the same print lab (in Brisbane) that I have been using for 5 years. Your 5x7 images will be printed on beautiful fine art paper. Colours are immaculate and prints will not fade over time. 

Q: Can we order duplicate copies of our 5x7 prints?

A: Sure can. Reorders of 5x7 prints are priced at $20 each. The perfect gift for Nanna.