the last bit.

We are officially counting down the weeks until the newest member of our family arrives. I am freaking out with how little time I have left to get things done. Richard is no more accommodating this time round of my needs to get EVERYTHING done before baby's arrival. Men just don't get it!

Launching a business in your last trimester of pregnancy is not something I would recommend for everyone, but I sure am enjoying the challenge. I feel at this point I might be shooting right up until the birth which is both exciting and a little daunting at the same time.

God, or some other source much more powerful than me, reminds me often of what is to come in the near future. I am now waking up quite regularly in the middle of the night & I feel pretty sick if I push myself too hard during the day. I am obviously being prepared for, and reminded of, what life with a newborn will be like. No schedule for a while and basically do whatever baby wants and needs for the first little bit. To be honest, I can't quite remember what it was like having to drop everything to feed you baby - I am sure it will all come back to me within the first 24 hours.

I am again feeling incredibly anxious that our baby will be healthy. I am praying that it won't want to enter this world too early either. Photo credit - Richard Wheeldon (isn't he clever).


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