we share film + postage project

we share film + postage project. the ROUTINE edition.

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So few images from me for the month of March on film, perhaps that's because I am so bad with keeping routines. While on holidays we routinely visit the bakery, parks & swim. Does that count? I routinely do a food shop in Kellerberrin once a week, bath my children everyday (or thereabouts) & put them to bed at the same time most nights. Noah routinely blocks out the world (or maybe just his brother) when in the car with headphones & his iPad. 

we share film + postage project. the LOVE edition.

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I've captured images of family members simply loving each other but I've also captured some images of things my kids love at the moment. Both my boys love the spa, love the beach, icy poles, milk shakes, waffles & each other. Sonny loves his outdoor swing, his bottle & sheep work on the farm. Coincidently, Noah started writing the word LOVE on pieces of paper too this month. He also vandalized his new pretend shop from Ikea. Me..... I just LOVE Sonny's butt!