Broome 2017

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The pindan, the heat, the warm blue water & those incredible sunsets. Broome continues to hold a special place in my heart. I was born and raised in Queensland until I was nine, I instantly feel at home the minute I touch down in the tropics.

We recently enjoyed 12 days in Broome with friends Sarah, Matt (Wiffy) & Lyra and the Uppill clan - Kate, Roger (Furry), Lily & Ally.  

we share film + postage project. the LOVE edition.

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I've captured images of family members simply loving each other but I've also captured some images of things my kids love at the moment. Both my boys love the spa, love the beach, icy poles, milk shakes, waffles & each other. Sonny loves his outdoor swing, his bottle & sheep work on the farm. Coincidently, Noah started writing the word LOVE on pieces of paper too this month. He also vandalized his new pretend shop from Ikea. Me..... I just LOVE Sonny's butt!   

Victoria without Daddy.

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While visiting our lovely family in Victoria I saw some of the prettiest countryside I have seen my whole life and I have not one photo to show for it. I am so disappointed with myself for not stopping the car to take photos of the amazing landscapes we saw. Perhaps I was just too tired… Sonny, true to form, decided he would not be doing much sleeping on this trip. Conveniently he got sick and also another tooth while we were away. He tested my & my Mother’s love for him. He was just so ridiculous over there, nothing like Noah was when we took him everywhere as a baby.

quirky noah.

samara wheeldon photography

Noah has been the best form of entertainment over the last couple of weeks. Auntie Brooke and I laughed so hard as we wrapped Noah up in bubble wrap last Friday afternoon. Watching him bounce on the trampoline and then swim in the spa was the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. Maybe I need to get out more!