happy sunday.

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Here you go Clarke family - your blog post is finally up for you to look at while you enjoy your Sunday morning coffee.

I was pretty stoked when Tish asked me to take photos of her family - I knew it would be a great gig right from the get go. The girls are very quiet & so eager to please - a photographer's dream really. The fact that they are so incredibly cute is just an added bonus. They are also twins (obviously) and they have just the slightest tinge of red in their hair which makes them just that bit more awesome too xo

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50 years is a long. long. time.

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A few weekends ago I made the short trek out to Doodlakine to photograph a 50th wedding anniversary. It was a family affair with plenty of grand babies around to photograph. Congratulations to Vern & Betty who have reached this special milestone and still have smiles on their faces. Can you even begin to imagine what 50 years of marriage has seen? No doubt many amazing memories - good years farming, bad years farming, easy years being married to each other & perhaps a few turbulent ones also.