Misha & Amelia part two.

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When I look at these photos it makes me think about how lucky we are to have so many nice families living in Tammin. Tammin certainly became a better place the day Hannes & Herlina moved here.

Their life was recently turned ǝpısdn uʍop (for the better) when they discovered they were pregnant with not one, but two little girls. Herlina's life went from being very organised to outright crazy in seven short months. Check out how many limbs and heads are in that bed!!! 

spot the two new ones.

samara wheeldon photography, wheatbelt, farm life, kids, photographer, family

Two more very special little people have joined the Saunders clan since they had family photos taken 3 years ago with my friend Kate Raston from Iris Photography.

How lucky am I that I was there to witness little Teagan roll over onto her tummy for the very first time? It was so exciting & Amy's face was priceless. I will never, ever forget that moment in time; neither will Amy, as it was all caught on camera.

how could i forget how much i love Lucy?

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My special school friend Lucy is expecting her first baby. Lucy is totally rocking her baby bump - she is glowing and exuding so much happiness. Lucy threw a curve ball my way when she announced that their photos could not be done in either the late afternoon or early moring light. Dealing with harsh midday sun is not my idea of fun so we seeked shade at the very beautiful and very shadey Brookside Vineyard in Bickley Valley. Lucy, it was so much fun spending the morning with you and Alistair.

toddler wrangling.

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Kelly, I wanted to have these up by midnight yesterday as a last minute birthday surprise for you, but alas it was not to be. I wonder if you slept as soundly as I did last night?

Chasing two toddlers around was quite a challenge and we found that throwing them around in the air (lots) really helped to keep them contained and happy. What a great gift to yourself Kelly, having memories captured forever of your small folk when they were so little (and oh so wriggly) - happiest of birthdays to you my friend xoxo

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happy sunday.

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Here you go Clarke family - your blog post is finally up for you to look at while you enjoy your Sunday morning coffee.

I was pretty stoked when Tish asked me to take photos of her family - I knew it would be a great gig right from the get go. The girls are very quiet & so eager to please - a photographer's dream really. The fact that they are so incredibly cute is just an added bonus. They are also twins (obviously) and they have just the slightest tinge of red in their hair which makes them just that bit more awesome too xo

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50 years is a long. long. time.

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A few weekends ago I made the short trek out to Doodlakine to photograph a 50th wedding anniversary. It was a family affair with plenty of grand babies around to photograph. Congratulations to Vern & Betty who have reached this special milestone and still have smiles on their faces. Can you even begin to imagine what 50 years of marriage has seen? No doubt many amazing memories - good years farming, bad years farming, easy years being married to each other & perhaps a few turbulent ones also.