quirky noah.

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Noah has been the best form of entertainment over the last couple of weeks. Auntie Brooke and I laughed so hard as we wrapped Noah up in bubble wrap last Friday afternoon. Watching him bounce on the trampoline and then swim in the spa was the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. Maybe I need to get out more! 

what's everyone doing with their iPhone pics?

samara wheeldon photography

I just love taking pics with my iPhone; it really is the most convenient camera ever and it takes a pretty good image, providing the light is adequate. I am forever checking out my friends’ photographs on Instagram (you might have noticed that I am pretty active on Instagram - I over share images of my boys on there all the time). I love how the iPhone makes it so simple for the average person to edit & share images.

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game over.

samara wheeldon photography

Today was the first time Noah picked out his own outfit to wear to school for a 'free dress' day. He actually did surprisingly well..... It was rather obvious though that he now likes to dress for comfort and the approval of his peers rather than approval of middle age women. I am guessing scarves, beanies and boutique style clothes will soon become a thing of the past. Oh well, it was a blast while it lasted. LOOK OUT SONNY.