weeks 7,8 and a bit of 9.

samara wheeldon photography

The last three weeks have been so busy and bright. Sonny is starting to feel much more at home on planet Earth - we are getting more sleep at night and some fantastic conversations out of him now. We have made several trips to Perth, catching up with wonderful friends and family & the boys' bedrooms are nearly completed. Life is GOOD. 

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samara wheeldon photography

You can see it in her eyes and you can hear it in her voice; Chantelle is blissfully happy & why wouldn't she be? With the sweetest little girl to hold every single day and lavish love on + a doting husband, life is good. It is so wonderful to see you finally so happy Chantelle - you are glowing from the inside out, you look beautiful!!! Congratulations on reaching this amazing point in your life that so many others take for granted. It was a pleasure spending time with you guys xoxo 

365 project

samara wheeldon photography 365 project

Here is the last four months worth of my 'photo a day challenge'. I feel a real sense of relief that it is now over. Using my big camera to take all the images, rather than just a smart phone, is a decision I began to regret after the first week. I also found it annoying having to shoot all my images in portrait format, as that was a challenge I set myself back in January 2013. 

week four.

samara wheeldon photography

A very special week this one - it was blissful celebrating Christmas this year as a family of four. It feels as if Sonny has been with us for a lifetime. I am totally smitten with him & I feel ever so grateful that he is here with us now, especially when I think back to how I was feeling this time last year.